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  Each IBIS CCTV system is unique to the specific requirements of our client’s requirements, business operations and budget.

All systems are digital and unless otherwise instructed, all systems can see-in-the-dark and can be remotely monitored by the client’s personnel or by an IBIS Monitoring Center.

A system can be as simple as a few hardwired day/night cameras monitoring the lobby and stairways of a building on weekends; or as sophisticated as “smart” cameras that

• Transmit their signals to the DVR wirelessly or via fibre optics, (removing the
  need to string wires or trench);
• Track people inside a fence but not outside;
• Ignore visitors walking southbound, but track visitors walking northbound;
• Identify and track a package left in the lobby through the building;
• Recognize faces;
• Alert the IBIS Monitoring Centre and client personnel in a cascading call list;
• Perform a burgeoning number of other security tasks.

IBIS CCTV Systems - State of the Art Security: 

Our systems can be installed in remote locations and Solar or generator powered to permit the system to operate even when off the grid. 

IBIS Remote Wireless CCTV systems allow the IBIS Monitoring Centre to constantly observe the premises and to receive immediate, automated, intrusion or other alerts and watch the event on video. 

For vehicles and mobile equipment, IBIS deploys an Active Equipment Recovery System, installed out of sight in the equipment. Coupled with a geo-fence boundary monitoring feature, this unit periodically confirms its location and condition to the IBIS Monitoring Center, but, if the equipment is moved, IBIS is automatically notified. IBIS duty personnel will immediately locate and track the equipment.

In all cases Response will be dispatched and the authorities notified within seconds.