Crisis Response Teams:                                   Extortion, Kidnapping & Terrorism


IBIS is in the Problem Solving Business. 

When clients are asked to describe what they consider a crisis, their answers vary. The most common crises (current & potential) that IBIS is asked to handle or train our clients' staff are: 

1. We are being threatened and in danger! Someone is threatening our operations or threatening to harm, kidnap, (or have kidnapped), one of our branch plant managers. IBIS Critical Incident Response Teams provide a 24 Hour Emergency Hot Line Negotiation Services and Response and Rescue services. 

2. The Money's Gone! - There has been serious internal fraud or theft. IBIS personnel will investigate the fraud or theft, locate the funds, identify the perpetrators, and at our client’s request, prepare evidence for criminal or civil litigation. See the sections on Investors and Attorneys. 

3. What happens in the event of an emergency? Critical Incident and Plant Evacuation Procedures: IBIS personnel will draft, review, amend, and test the plant Critical Incident Response Plan and the Plant Evacuation Plan by themselves or as part of a Security Survey.

4. I travel and work abroad. I am concerned about terrorism or kidnapping. IBIS will draft, review, amend, and test an Executive Protection Plan and the security plan for facilities abroad. IBIS provides cross-cultural training, which includes how to avoid being kidnapped, and how to act if you are. IBIS will provide protective services for your plant, assets, and people just about anywhere in the world.

We can assist you to put a Crisis Prevention plan in place that will prevent many incidents from occurring in the first place.

If a crisis does occur, IBIS personnel are just a plane ride away.

To assist our clients, IBIS can have Crisis Response Personnel on the ground, often in a matter of hours, to efficiently and discreetly resolve any situation.