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  From the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia to the Fruit Estates of the Caribbean, from the cattle ranches of South America to the farms of Central Africa to the Orchid cultivation areas of South East Asia, IBIS Corporation is a world leader in the international battle against Praedial Larceny.

Praedial Larceny Task ForceIBIS Corporation knows the devastation that Praedial Larceny gangs can cause
Not only to individual farmers but to an entire industry and to the economy of a region or an entire country.

IBIS understands that often the gangs are well organized
They have powerful, organized, international criminal support. To combat this growing worldwide problem, IBIS has proprietary praedial larceny countermeasures plans which are designed to strike at the heart of the problem, and not only arrest the low level thieves who are the foot soldiers, but to arrest and seize the assets of the wealthy criminals who make their living preying on farmers and fruit growers.

IBIS assistance is designed to be smoothly integrated into our agricultural client's existing security plans
We aim to augment measures already in place. Depending upon the specific circumstances IBIS will field specially trained security personnel to provide the entire security function, or to assist and train our client's existing security force. In many situations IBIS support personnel will put in place a variety of covert state-of-the-art electronic personnel detection devices, and other technical aids. IBIS "air operations" use every conceivable mode of transport from fixed wing to rotary wing, to ultra lights to UAV’S to capture the thieves.

Simultaneously, other IBIS personnel gather intelligence
Concerning the identities of the bosses and corporate entities profiting from the larceny, identify their methods and income streams, and using both civil and criminal remedies reduce the problem to insignificant controllable levels.

If your agriculture based company or your region or country is suffering from the effects of Praedial Larceny contact us. We would be happy to discuss how we can help.