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  • Private Investigations Services and Solutions

    IBIS tailors its services to meet the individual needs of its' clients. Give us a "what if" scenario, and we'll tell you what specific services can be utilized to meet your needs and fit your budget. All inquiries are treated in confidence.

    IBIS investigates and resolves threats including:

    Fraud, Theft of Assets or Proprietary information, Extortion, Sabotage, (to both "hard" and electronic assets), and threats to your Personnel, Assets, Plant and Facilities from sources external to your organization. IBIS Investigators use both "old fashioned legwork" and the latest in technical aids and cyberspace research. 

    Investigation methods include:
    Witness Interviews, Preparing Affidavits, Statements, and Depositions
    Digital Photography, Digital Video and remote monitoring anywhere in the world.
    Covert Video and Hidden Cameras
    IBIS Resource Personnel Sources and Informants
    International Cyberspace and "Humint" Searches to Locate Individuals & Their Assets
    Enforcement of Mareva Injunctions & Anton Pillar Orders
    Pretexts & Stings 

    Specialized IBIS Services include:
    Electronic Eavesdropping Counter Measures, (EECM) Surveys
    IBIS Praedial Larceny Taskforce
    IBIS Anti-Counterfeiting Taskforce
    IBIS Operations Audits (Undercover Investigations)
    TAC-INTEL in Hostile Areas of Operation 

    FAQ: IBIS has been in the investigations business since 1976. Thats 35 years.  We don't doubt that IBIS people have impressive experience, but do you keep up to date with the newest trends in frauds, investigation practices and technical investigative aids? 

    Answer: Yes. Keeping ahead of the curve is a very high priority with us. All IBIS personnel, Worldwide Partners, Directors, Case Officers, Managers, Investigators and Security personnel receive ongoing professional development. 

    In addition they keep current with research for seminars and papers or articles they present or publish. And teaching surveillance, Fraud Investigation Expert Testimony, Ethics for Corporate Counsel and a variety of other Seminars and training for professionals. 

    With respect to equipment we have our own forensics lab and are on the leading edge of surveillance, computer forensics, TSCM technology including the latest IP phones and electronic surveillance equipment. 

    Sources such as our association with The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, and the American Society of Industrial Security, are also very valuable