IBIS - International Due Diligence      The Specialists

            Frequent areas of inquiry include:                                                                  International Due Diligence   

                       • Business, corporate histories and lifestyles of the companies
                       • Business, personal history and lifestyle of the principal(s)
                       • Civil and criminal litigation
                       • Current corporate operations and operating history
                       • Discreet inquiries concerning known business and personal associations
                       • Discreet Inquiries concerning current and former business partners
                       • Human resources and personnel
                       • Project track records
                       • Legal, regulatory and environmental issues in their areas of operation
                       • Reputation in the community
                       • Assets

              Inquiries are done “on-the-ground” in the subject’s areas of operation. IBIS confidential sources and resources in those areas
              are utilized. Naturally all contacts with regulatory agencies, law enforcement, other civil authorities, industry, financial sources
              and so forth are kept as discreet as possible to avoid identification of our client.

           Background Checks:

             There is no such thing as an “international criminal record check” and the fact that an individual has a work permit and was approved
             for entry is no assurance as to his character or background. Records have to be checked on the ground in each jurisdiction in which
             the person has lived or worked.

             It also should be noted that a resume that indicates the subject worked for a multinational’s operation in a foreign country as one of
             10,000 employees there does little to determine the applicant’s actual work history with that company. It is important to get as much
             detail as possible concerning his precise job title, the exact location of his previous workplaces and the names and titles of his supervisors.

             IBIS background checks are thorough, in-depth and comprehensive. Our operatives in-country speak directly to the applicant’s former
             employers and references, and if the results cannot be verified, or if there are gaps in the applicant’s history we can’t fill, that is included in our reports.