Specialized Investigation Services

General Investigations:
IBIS provides accurate, timely, situation specific, discreet, real world private investigations to enable its clients to make informed decisions.IBIS investigators make inquiries and ask questions. We locate and interview witnesses, take statements, perform surveillance, gather facts and investigate all of the circumstances surrounding the incident in question.

Fraud Investigation Services
IBIS Fraud Investigation Services
Thousands of frauds of every conceivable type. Our cases have ranged from the United Nations Oil for Food Fraud, (the largest fraud in the history of the planet); (BCCI) the Bank of Credit and Commerce International and many other high profile fraud cases.

We investigate:
• Frauds on minority shareholders in private companies;
• Tender and Bid rigging;
• Collusion among branch plant employees;
• Purchasing managers setting up “Ghost” suppliers;
• Bank loan officers writing tombstones;
• Shipping department fraud;
• Phantom production runs; Bribery and Corruption cases, and many other frauds.

IBIS investigates, without bias, spin or favor, to determine if losses are the result of fraud, theft or corruption; or are due to wasteful business practices, policy violations, or lack of controls.

Many of IBIS Fraud cases are referrals from lawyers and accountants who recognize that their client needs IBIS specialized fraud and investigation services.


IBIS surveillance teams are discreet but effective. Digital video or photographs can be transmitted to you from anywhere in the world. Digital copies are stored in IBIS Secure Evidence Storage until they are transmitted to the client.

and properly obtained statements including so called “KGB” statements are taken in fraud, criminal and civil litigation cases.

We encourage clients to e-mail or telephone us with “Can IBIS do …?”, or “I have this problem” questions. New, non-corporate clients are requested to contact us through their accountant or attorney.



IBIS Investigations are always conducted In a Lawful manner.

We do not: Chase cars on sidewalks, bribe maids to get into hotel rooms, (they tell anyway), break into homes or offices, tap phones, plant bugs, steal documents, engage in shootouts in the street, trespass, commit identity theft, break the law or violate people’s rights.

We do: Gather relevant evidence in a form the client can use, while keeping IBIS out of trouble; keeping the client out of trouble and doing the best possible job for the client.




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      Services List

Active Equipment Recovery
Air Cargo Security
Anti Insurgency
Anti-Money Laundering Assessments
Anti Money Laundering Surveys
Anti Piracy Consulting
Anti Terrorism Consulting
Asset Location & Recovery
Asset Protection
Asset Recovery
Asset Tracking
Background Checks
Branch Plant Compliance
Brand Management and Protection
Bug Sweeps
Business Intelligence
Cargo Security - Trucking   Air   Marine
CCTV Systems
Certified Fraud  Examiner
Computer Forensics
Corporate Intelligence
Corporate Security
Counter Surveillance Specialist
Crisis Management
Crisis Negotiations
Crisis Response
Counter Insurgency
Counter Terrorism
C-TPAT Compliance
Detective Agency
Due Diligene
De-Bugging Sweeps
Domestic Investigations
Electronic Eavesdropping Countermeasures - EECM
Electronic Eavesdropping Detection
Executive Protection
Force Protection
Fraud Alerts
Fraud Detectionn
Fraud Investigations
Fraud Prevention
Hostage Recovery Negotiations
Hostage Rescue Negotiations
Insurance Claims Investigations
Intellectual Property Protection
International Due Diligence
Investment Intelligence
IT and AML Assessments
Kidnap & Ransom Negotiations
Litigation Support
Marine Cargo Security
Operational Security
Operations Audits™
Patent Infringement
Praedial Larceny Task Force
Pre Employment Screening
Private Detective
Private Investigators
Private Investigations
Quality Control Audits
Remote Security Monitoring
Security Assessments
Security Audits
Security Personnel
Security Protection
Security Surveys
TSCM Surveys
Trademark Violation
Uniformed Security Officers
Wiretap Detection
Witness Interviews
Witness Protection
Witness Location
   Undercover Investigations


Special Service and Task Forces

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