Security Personnel

IBIS provides motivated, trained, professional and competent security personnel for a variety of clients with a variety of needs. Security guards secure premises, monitor visitors and operations, monitor inbound and outbound shipments, log details of inbound and outbound shipments and control access.

IBIS Guards are trained, alert, articulate and well-turned-out in uniform styles including: Dress, work, plain clothes or combat.

IBIS supervisors are experienced, qualified and provide 24 hour client point of contact. IBIS implements constant and positive site patrol monitoring with communications

Remote Security

Where appropriate, IBIS can provide remote security solutions.

Not only is the system cost effective it can be more efficient for routine visitor control and safer in hostile areas.


Security Assessments

An IBIS Security Survey is like a check up at the doctors.

You may think that your company’s handling of security issues is OK. There haven’t been any major thefts lately, no complaints of toxic waste being dumped into the municipal water supply, the RCMP, Special Branch or the FBI hasn't been bothering you with pesky questions about your branch manager trying to bribe foreign officials, but perhaps those nagging small issues should be looked at before they metastasize.

IBIS identifies your vulnerable areas from an Asset Protection Risk of Penetration and operational Supply Chain perspective. All our security assessments are C-TPAT (US Customs Trade partnership Against Terrorism) compliant.

We can also undertake
De-Bugging Sweeps