Principal Offices

IBIS Corporation
Risk Management Services Inc.
Brookfield Place TD
161 Bay Street, 27th Floor
Toronto ON M5J 2S1
Telephone:   (416) 362 3009                 Image
IBIS Risk Management Services Inc.
1455 Pennsylvania Avenue
Suite 400
DC20004, USA
Telephone  (202) 349 4029                 Image

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No Product or Service is offered in any jurisdiction where to do so would violate the law of the USA, Canada, the UK, or the law of the local jurisdiction


Other Locations

China: Beijing: This office handles operations in China for global clients, and worldwide assignments for Chinese corporate clients.

Taiwan: 3F, No. 53 Minchuan East RoadSec. 1. Taipei Taiwan
Telephone: 2595-8369.
IBIS Directors Taiwan are Spicer Lee, and Jemy See.
Languages spoken in this office are Cantonese, Mandarin, Talagog and English. The Taiwan office also services Korea and the Philippines.

Mexico & Central / Southern America
IBIS Washington DC handles Mexico and Central and South America. Inquiries (except Caribbean Islands) to Washington DC office

Southern Caribbean:
Port of Spain (Manager - Steve Henry) handles the Southern Caribbean as well as Guyana, Venezuela and Colombia

Eastern Caribbean:
Inquires to IBIS Toronto:


North Africa.
IBIS - Tripoli, Libya. Services Tangiers, and Rabat, Morocco; Algiers, Algeria and Tunis, Tunisia and North Saharan Africa

West Africa.
At this time IBIS Nigerian Operations are handled out of Accra Ghana. IBIS Nigeria handles only Facility Security. Please send e-mail requests to

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     Security & Intelligence Updates

Services available in Jordan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Yemen, the UAE and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Due to the current situation in Iraq IBIS personnel in Baghdad are available by appointment only. Please forward E-Mail to to have your request approved. Services in Iraq include Facility Security, Blast Mitigation, IED defence and Due Diligence services.